The Best of Lewis Carroll


This book contains Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, The Hunting of the Snark, A Tangled Tale, Phantasmagoria, and Nonsense from Letters. The illustrations are by John Tenniel and Henry Holiday. The book is hardcover with a really lovely dust jacket. The ISBN is 0-89009-700-3


A Golden Classic: Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass


I recently picked this book up at a new used book store near Saratoga. It’s A Golden Classic and has some really lovely illustrations in it by Kathy Mitchell. It was a little more expensive then I wanted to pay at a used bookstore but my dad bought it for me because he’s a nice guy like that. The ISBN on this book is 0-307-17111-6

Lewis Carroll: Looking-Glass Letters


This is a collection of letters by Lewis Carroll and it’s also kind of a miniature biography. I read it in one day and thouroughly enjoyed it. It really gives you some insight into his life and relationships with people. I definitely learned a lot from this book and would reccommend it to any fan of Lewis Carroll. The ISBN is 1855850389.

Through the Looking Glass Audio Book

dscf0236I found this audio book at the Dollar Store. My Grandma bought me the first one, Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland but I haven’t been able to find it. So here the second one! Make sure to always check dollar stores on your Alice hunts! I’ve so far found a book and the two audiobooks. Lo and behold the treasures at the dollar store haha.

The Children’s Classics: Alice in Wonderland

This is Children’s Classics copy of Alice in Wonderland. It has the original illustrations by John Tenniel. The front illustration is done by Anita Nelson. It says it’s just Alice in Wonderland, but the book also contains Through the Looking Glass. The ISBN for this book is 0-89434-121-9.