The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor


I read this book earlier this year due to it being reccommended to me by a livejournal community. I thouroughly enjoyed Beddor’s approach. It reminded me somewhat of American Mcgee’s video game “Alice.” Some of the dialogue was somewhat juvenile but then again it is a young adult book so that’s to be expected. I enjoyed all the characters aside from Dodge, I found him to be a little annoying. I’ve read the second book and will post that within the next week or two. I’ve heard rumors of a movie coming out and it’ll be interesting to see how the books translate on screen.


The Ultimate Illustrated Edition of Alice in Wonderland


This is one of my favorite versions of Alice in Wonderland. It contains the story and illustrations from a variety of illustrators. I’m writing out the list of them for you all:

  • Margaret Tarrant
  • Gynedd Hudson
  • Charles Folkard
  • Charles Robinson
  • Mabel Lucie Attwell
  • Bessie Pease Guttman
  • Millicent Sowerby
  • Maria Kirk
  • Peter Newell
  • John Tenniel
  • Harry Rountree
  • Milo Winter
  • Thomas Maybank
  • A.E. Jackson
  • Alice Woodward
  • Arthur Rackham
  • K.M.R
  • Gertrude Kay
  • Oliver Herford
  • W.H. Walker
  • D.R. Sexton
  • Willy Pogany
  • Harry Furniss
  • Fanny Cory
  • Brinsley LeFanu
  • Charles Pears

The illustrations from all of them are beautiful. This book is definitely worth the buy. The ISBN is 0-553-05385-X

The Alice in Wonderland Picture Book


My mom found this book for me at a garage sale. I’m not sure how much she got it for, but knowing my mom she got it cheap. The pictures are y Magel Lucie Attwell and the story is adopted by Jennifer Roberts. The illustrations are really beautiful. There are some boring black and white ones, but the color ones are gorgeous. I found this book quite easily on so if you’re interested in buying it, the ISBN is 0-340-56787-2. It’s really a charming find.

Alice for the Very Young

This is a 64 page paper back from 1967. It has twenty colorized Tenniel illustrations in it and is an absolutely adorable book in my opinion.  You can find it here for only $3.64.  I believe I got mine at a library sale. Oh and as a little treat, I thought I’d let you all know, I’m being Alice for Halloween and I’ll be posting pictures of it 🙂

Alice in Wonderland Book with Illustrations by Greg Hildebrandt

This copy of Alice in Wonderland has some lovely illustrations by Greg Hildebrandt. It’s a small cute book that I found at the Schenectady Library Sale. If you’re reading this and you live up in my area of New York, you really should go to this sale. It’s held twice a year and it’s an awesome oppurtunity to get some great books. I always come away with a couple bag fulls. This past year I got four alice books there for twenty five cents each including this one.  You can buy this book here.