Lewis Carroll: Looking-Glass Letters


This is a collection of letters by Lewis Carroll and it’s also kind of a miniature biography. I read it in one day and thouroughly enjoyed it. It really gives you some insight into his life and relationships with people. I definitely learned a lot from this book and would reccommend it to any fan of Lewis Carroll. The ISBN is 1855850389.


The Alice in Wonderland Picture Book


My mom found this book for me at a garage sale. I’m not sure how much she got it for, but knowing my mom she got it cheap. The pictures are y Magel Lucie Attwell and the story is adopted by Jennifer Roberts. The illustrations are really beautiful. There are some boring black and white ones, but the color ones are gorgeous. I found this book quite easily on bookfinder.com so if you’re interested in buying it, the ISBN is 0-340-56787-2. It’s really a charming find.