Sugar & Spice: Alice in Wonderland VHS


My brother picked this up for me at a garage sale this past summer. I could only find it for sale on ebay and it was only listed by one person. I prefer not to give ebay links on here, since it’s kind of pointless if the bidding is ending and whatnot. I still haven’t watched this yet but I’m planning on it =)


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland on DVD

What would an Alice in Wonderland collection be with the DVD of the movie? That’s right, it wouldn’t be a collection at all. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as much on this blog as I should be. I just had to have my pet rat put to sleep and also I’ve been really sick the last two days so sorry if I don’t update too much. Once I’m over this cold or flu or whatever it is I’ll be back to trying to update at LEAST every other day.

Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland – The Missing Ring Mystery

I found this VHS movie at a garage sale and only paid twenty five cents for it. Unfortunately I do not own any of the other movies which are apparently taken from a show that used to be on the Disney Channel that I never had even heard of until I got it. I have yet to watch it because I want to get the first two first, and watch them in order. You can buy this from amazon here.