Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book Page


I found this in a coloring book at a waiting room and they let me have it when I asked. Not the most exciting find in the world but I thought I’d put it on here since I’m too lazy to actual go upstairs and grab one of my books and look up the ISBN hah. Enjoy.


Alice in Wonderland Pouch


My aunt and Uncle bought this for me for Christmas off of Ebay. It’s a handmade little pouch purse thing..hah. They were going to give it to me to carry my camera around in but the camera is a tight fit in there so it’s more for decoration now. I love it<3

Through the Looking Glass Audio Book

dscf0236I found this audio book at the Dollar Store. My Grandma bought me the first one, Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland but I haven’t been able to find it. So here the second one! Make sure to always check dollar stores on your Alice hunts! I’ve so far found a book and the two audiobooks. Lo and behold the treasures at the dollar store haha.

Alice in Wonderland Pillow Case

My best friend found this pillowcase at Hot Topic on clearence for $4.50. It matches the throw I posted before. Unfortunately Hot Topic is sold out of this according to the website. I think it’s really cute, but like I said about the throw, it’s supposed to be Disney but Alice looks really more animeish then she does like the Disney Alice but it’s still cute and I love it.

Alice in Wonderland Soap

I got this Alice in Wonderland soap from a garage sale believe it or not for free.  Of course, it’s too pretty to ever use. I really don’t know a lot about it. I tried a couple of different google, ebay, and amazon searches but all I could find was the white rabbit soap here. I know that this is a part of a collection however. I searched on ebay the other day and had found the collection. Unfortunately though it’s gone now so I can’t post the link to it. Sorry!

Disney Alice in Wonderland Throw

This is one of my favorite items, due to the fact that it’s super soft and of course pretty. My mom bought it for me from Hot Topic for Christmas last year. Even though this is a Disney product, Alice looks a lot different from the disney alice…she almost looks animeish(is that even a word?). But I still think it’s pretty and I love any variation of Alice art. Hot Topic doesn’t sell this anymore unfortunately and I couldn’t find it for sale on any other websites including Ebay and Amazon. Sorry guys!