Queen Of Hearts Porcelain Figurine


I found this treasure at an estate sale down the road from my house for only three dollars. There’s no label as to the company that made it. All it has on it is “Made in Taiwan.” I can’t find it anywhere on line. It’s a great addition to my collection. I keep it in a little cabinet since it is fragile (made of porcelain) with a bunch of other little nick knack figurines. It looks almost hand painted for me but I can’t really tell.


Gorham Alice in Wonderland Doll




This is by far my most treasured piece in my collection. I bought this porcelain alice doll for only three dollars at an estate sale. You can wind her up and she plays “I’m Late.” I have tried EVERY possible search for this doll online to find out stuff about her and how much she’s worth, and I have not found ANYTHING. Not even a mention of it. I plan to call Gorham or email them and see if I can get some information. My guess is she’s worth a lot since I can’t find anything on her. She’s absolutely gorgeous too. Just thought I’d share something special today since I haven’t blogged in a few days.

Disney’s “Little Alice” Doll

This doll is a fairly common find for Alice in Wonderland fans. My friend bought it for me from K-Mart. It cost about twenty dollars. It’s called the “Little Alice Doll.” She comes with accessories such as a small cheshire cat, a brush, and a miniature tea set. I admit, the big eyes are a little creepy but as long as I don’t have to wake up to it in the morning, it’s okay. It’s still a good find 🙂