Happy Belated Halloween!

So, as promised, I told you I’d post a picture of my costume. Unfortunately the picture is pretty crappy quality, as it had to be taken with my aunt’s point and shoot since I didn’t have my good camera on me. But here it is anyways!

My best friend Zach bought me the outfit as an early birthday present and the wig. I bought the shoes and hair band(which isn’t very visible in this picture) from Good Will 🙂


Alice in Wonderland Torrid Shirt

My best friend bought me this shirt. It’s really cool except for the fact it’s waaaay too big for me but I don’t care. I wear it to bed a lot. I think the concept is really cute. I looked for it on ebay and whatnot and could not find it. I did find it though here. Unfortunately though the link they give to where to buy it doesn’t work. It’s originally from Torrid but I couldn’t find it on their site.