Alice in Wonderland Pouch


My aunt and Uncle bought this for me for Christmas off of Ebay. It’s a handmade little pouch purse thing..hah. They were going to give it to me to carry my camera around in but the camera is a tight fit in there so it’s more for decoration now. I love it<3


Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Incense


I found these on sale at Spencer’s for like $1.98 and so of course I picked them up. I obviously will never use them because they’re too cool to use. You can buy them for $4.04 from .

Through the Looking Glass Audio Book

dscf0236I found this audio book at the Dollar Store. My Grandma bought me the first one, Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland but I haven’t been able to find it. So here the second one! Make sure to always check dollar stores on your Alice hunts! I’ve so far found a book and the two audiobooks. Lo and behold the treasures at the dollar store haha.