The Children’s Classics: Alice in Wonderland

This is Children’s Classics copy of Alice in Wonderland. It has the original illustrations by John Tenniel. The front illustration is done by Anita Nelson. It says it’s just Alice in Wonderland, but the book also contains Through the Looking Glass. The ISBN for this book is 0-89434-121-9.


The Ultimate Illustrated Edition of Alice in Wonderland


This is one of my favorite versions of Alice in Wonderland. It contains the story and illustrations from a variety of illustrators. I’m writing out the list of them for you all:

  • Margaret Tarrant
  • Gynedd Hudson
  • Charles Folkard
  • Charles Robinson
  • Mabel Lucie Attwell
  • Bessie Pease Guttman
  • Millicent Sowerby
  • Maria Kirk
  • Peter Newell
  • John Tenniel
  • Harry Rountree
  • Milo Winter
  • Thomas Maybank
  • A.E. Jackson
  • Alice Woodward
  • Arthur Rackham
  • K.M.R
  • Gertrude Kay
  • Oliver Herford
  • W.H. Walker
  • D.R. Sexton
  • Willy Pogany
  • Harry Furniss
  • Fanny Cory
  • Brinsley LeFanu
  • Charles Pears

The illustrations from all of them are beautiful. This book is definitely worth the buy. The ISBN is 0-553-05385-X

Queen Of Hearts Porcelain Figurine


I found this treasure at an estate sale down the road from my house for only three dollars. There’s no label as to the company that made it. All it has on it is “Made in Taiwan.” I can’t find it anywhere on line. It’s a great addition to my collection. I keep it in a little cabinet since it is fragile (made of porcelain) with a bunch of other little nick knack figurines. It looks almost hand painted for me but I can’t really tell.