Gorham Alice in Wonderland Doll




This is by far my most treasured piece in my collection. I bought this porcelain alice doll for only three dollars at an estate sale. You can wind her up and she plays “I’m Late.” I have tried EVERY possible search for this doll online to find out stuff about her and how much she’s worth, and I have not found ANYTHING. Not even a mention of it. I plan to call Gorham or email them and see if I can get some information. My guess is she’s worth a lot since I can’t find anything on her. She’s absolutely gorgeous too. Just thought I’d share something special today since I haven’t blogged in a few days.


7 thoughts on “Gorham Alice in Wonderland Doll

  1. Price on Ebay…probably $9.99
    Real Value?…about $99.00
    Not made since 1994 the doll shops have no reason to just broker retired dolls. Those who are still interested in completing collections will pay full value. As you, we are finding Gorham’s that once sold for $1,000.00 listed as “Grandama’s stuff” on Ebay and Craigslist for practically nothing.

  2. What a beautiful doll! (I love your blog–and Alice, also!)

    If you’re interested in finding out her value, and you can’t get a hold of her manufacturer, Dolls Magazine has a section which regularly determines the value of dolls. You can check them out online–you just need a photo of your doll, and all the info that you already have.
    Try this link: http://www.dollsmagazine.com/guide/id-a-price-guide.html

  3. I also have one of these beautiful dolls that I got as a gift from my grandmother. If you find out any information on her please let me know. I have also found no information on her.

  4. Today my grandmother came over with a doll exactly like this for me. She payed $160 a long time ago. I can’t find anything about her either. If you happen to find anything could you let me know?

  5. I too have This Alice…I am not a collector but thought she was beautiful when I bought her years ago. Did you ever get a value on her?

  6. Hi, I also just purchased this doll at an estate sale. I saw her and she reminded me of my daughter when she was little. I would also be curious of the value if anyone has any information!

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