Gorham Alice in Wonderland Doll




This is by far my most treasured piece in my collection. I bought this porcelain alice doll for only three dollars at an estate sale. You can wind her up and she plays “I’m Late.” I have tried EVERY possible search for this doll online to find out stuff about her and how much she’s worth, and I have not found ANYTHING. Not even a mention of it. I plan to call Gorham or email them and see if I can get some information. My guess is she’s worth a lot since I can’t find anything on her. She’s absolutely gorgeous too. Just thought I’d share something special today since I haven’t blogged in a few days.


Alice in Wonderland Happy Meal Toy



This McDonald’s Happy meal toy, I got at a garage sale. It obviously wasn’t the post amazing find in the world, considering Alice looks a little dumb in my opinion. But it’s still cute and I love the little box it comes in. You can find this item on ebay for next to nothing.

Alice in Wonderland Paperback illustrated by John Tenniel


This paperback copy of Alice in Wonderland is fairly common. It features the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. I personally love this copy soley because of the seventies trippy look given to the font on the cover. I got it again at the Schenectady Library Sale for twenty five cents. You can find this book on bookfinder.com. The ISBN is 059033960. Be careful though, because some of the books that came up were NOT this book. So make sure you read the description carefully.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Pop Up Book: Illustrated by J.Pavlin


This pop up book is illustrated by J.Pavlin. I got it at The Schenectady Library Sale for about twenty five cents I believe.  The illustrations are pretty cute in it. You can find this book on bookfinder.com. The ISBN is 071960253. However, when I went to search for it, it said the ISBN was invalid. So I found it by putting “J.Pavlin” in the keywords. Also, I’m sorry about the blurry image!

Sugar & Spice: Alice in Wonderland VHS


My brother picked this up for me at a garage sale this past summer. I could only find it for sale on ebay and it was only listed by one person. I prefer not to give ebay links on here, since it’s kind of pointless if the bidding is ending and whatnot. I still haven’t watched this yet but I’m planning on it =)

The Alice in Wonderland Picture Book


My mom found this book for me at a garage sale. I’m not sure how much she got it for, but knowing my mom she got it cheap. The pictures are y Magel Lucie Attwell and the story is adopted by Jennifer Roberts. The illustrations are really beautiful. There are some boring black and white ones, but the color ones are gorgeous. I found this book quite easily on bookfinder.com so if you’re interested in buying it, the ISBN is 0-340-56787-2. It’s really a charming find.

Alice in Wonderland Pillow Case

My best friend found this pillowcase at Hot Topic on clearence for $4.50. It matches the throw I posted before. Unfortunately Hot Topic is sold out of this according to the website. I think it’s really cute, but like I said about the throw, it’s supposed to be Disney but Alice looks really more animeish then she does like the Disney Alice but it’s still cute and I love it.

Happy Belated Halloween!

So, as promised, I told you I’d post a picture of my costume. Unfortunately the picture is pretty crappy quality, as it had to be taken with my aunt’s point and shoot since I didn’t have my good camera on me. But here it is anyways!

My best friend Zach bought me the outfit as an early birthday present and the wig. I bought the shoes and hair band(which isn’t very visible in this picture) from Good Will 🙂