Alice in Wonderland Soap

I got this Alice in Wonderland soap from a garage sale believe it or not for free.  Of course, it’s too pretty to ever use. I really don’t know a lot about it. I tried a couple of different google, ebay, and amazon searches but all I could find was the white rabbit soap here. I know that this is a part of a collection however. I searched on ebay the other day and had found the collection. Unfortunately though it’s gone now so I can’t post the link to it. Sorry!


5 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Soap

  1. I have this soap from way back when I was a little girl collecting Alice stuff. I have Alice and the Cheshire Cat. I have never used it either, but time is wearing on it… I think it was from Crabtree and Evelyn, but I don’t have the boxes anymore to verify.

  2. I have the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Alice and , of course, never used. They are in the original boxes and wrapped in tissue. They are Crabtree & Evelyn, London. One side of the box is in French and the other in English from 1978. I don’t know how many characters were made to be a complete collection.

  3. I actually have the White Rabbit “LeLapin Blanc” , and have tried everywhere to search for it, but no results!

  4. I have the complete set, all 8 characters in the original shrink wrap. The cat has been accessed, but still has original paper with it.

    If someone is interested it this set, it is available.


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