Alice for the Very Young

This is a 64 page paper back from 1967. It has twenty colorized Tenniel illustrations in it and is an absolutely adorable book in my opinion.  You can find it here for only $3.64.  I believe I got mine at a library sale. Oh and as a little treat, I thought I’d let you all know, I’m being Alice for Halloween and I’ll be posting pictures of it 🙂


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland on DVD

What would an Alice in Wonderland collection be with the DVD of the movie? That’s right, it wouldn’t be a collection at all. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as much on this blog as I should be. I just had to have my pet rat put to sleep and also I’ve been really sick the last two days so sorry if I don’t update too much. Once I’m over this cold or flu or whatever it is I’ll be back to trying to update at LEAST every other day.

Alice in Wonderland Torrid Shirt

My best friend bought me this shirt. It’s really cool except for the fact it’s waaaay too big for me but I don’t care. I wear it to bed a lot. I think the concept is really cute. I looked for it on ebay and whatnot and could not find it. I did find it though here. Unfortunately though the link they give to where to buy it doesn’t work. It’s originally from Torrid but I couldn’t find it on their site.

Alice in Wonderland Book with Illustrations by Greg Hildebrandt

This copy of Alice in Wonderland has some lovely illustrations by Greg Hildebrandt. It’s a small cute book that I found at the Schenectady Library Sale. If you’re reading this and you live up in my area of New York, you really should go to this sale. It’s held twice a year and it’s an awesome oppurtunity to get some great books. I always come away with a couple bag fulls. This past year I got four alice books there for twenty five cents each including this one.  You can buy this book here.

Alice in Wonderland Soap

I got this Alice in Wonderland soap from a garage sale believe it or not for free.  Of course, it’s too pretty to ever use. I really don’t know a lot about it. I tried a couple of different google, ebay, and amazon searches but all I could find was the white rabbit soap here. I know that this is a part of a collection however. I searched on ebay the other day and had found the collection. Unfortunately though it’s gone now so I can’t post the link to it. Sorry!

Disney Alice in Wonderland Throw

This is one of my favorite items, due to the fact that it’s super soft and of course pretty. My mom bought it for me from Hot Topic for Christmas last year. Even though this is a Disney product, Alice looks a lot different from the disney alice…she almost looks animeish(is that even a word?). But I still think it’s pretty and I love any variation of Alice art. Hot Topic doesn’t sell this anymore unfortunately and I couldn’t find it for sale on any other websites including Ebay and Amazon. Sorry guys!

Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland – The Missing Ring Mystery

I found this VHS movie at a garage sale and only paid twenty five cents for it. Unfortunately I do not own any of the other movies which are apparently taken from a show that used to be on the Disney Channel that I never had even heard of until I got it. I have yet to watch it because I want to get the first two first, and watch them in order. You can buy this from amazon here.